My aim is to photograph your property in the best way possible. To ensure everything runs smoothly on the day of the shoot, I've put together some preparation tips of things to do prior the scheduled shoot. These are of course merely guidelines to make your property look its best and not requirements. Don't stress if all of them can't be met.

General Prep

Cleaning and staging should please be done before the photoshoot.

Use the garage for storage. Unless otherwise requested, I don't normally shoot garages, which makes them a great place to hide unwanted items.

Secure or remove pets. I love animals and have dogs of my own, but unfortunately they can be a distraction during a photoshoot. Although cats normally pose fewer problems than dogs, please secure them as well.

Plan not to be seen. All residents should plan on either being off the property or remain in areas where they can't be seen during the photoshoot. Rooms often overlap in images. People and pets can cause shadows and unwanted reflections.

Please communicate any special requests prior to the scheduled shoot.

Inside Prep

Declutter the kitchen. A few items on the counters are fine, but dishes, rags and sponges should best be put away. It's also a good idea to remove all pictures and magnets from the fridge.

If possible, place a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table or counter to add colour.

Declutter the bathrooms. Toothbrushes, razors and other personal items don't make for good photographs.

Turn on the lights. Please turn on all interior lights. If needed, please replace all burned out bulbs. This is critical.

Turn off all televisions and ceiling fans.

Make sure all windows and mirrors are clean and streak free.

Fluff and straighten pillows on sofas and chairs.

All bedrooms should have their beds made and items put away.

Hide the dustbins. They are often distracting elements in a photo. It would be best to just hide them in a closet or in the garage.

Hide cords and remotes. Of course this is easier said than done, but you will have more appealing images if you are able to hide any noticeable electrical cords.

Open all curtains. Open blinds with views. Your indoor photos will show outdoor views if there are any.

Clear all entryways. Please remove shoes, umbrellas and any other loose items from entryways.

De-clutter the home by removing cleaning supplies, magazines, toys, etc.

Outside Prep

Clear the vehicles. Please make sure no cars or boats are parked in the driveway. If at all possible, also remove cars from the street in front of the home.

Hide trashcans. Please move trashcans out of sight or into the garage.

Hide, or neatly roll up hoses. Please do this the day before the shoot, as hoses can drip water onto the pavement, leaving puddles in your photos.

Mow the lawn. Please make sure this is done at least 24 hours before the shoot.

Turn off the sprinklers. Do not water the garden on the day of the shoot, as this may also cause puddles on the pavement.

Clean and sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios Put patio umbrellas up and remove braai grill covers.

Clean up after the dogs. Please make sure there are no dog droppings visible in the yard.

Clean the pool and remove all covers.

Remove the for-sale sign.

Trim bushes, trees and plants to allow a clear view of the property.

Clean all patio / stoep furniture. Please dust and remove all cobwebs from outdoor furniture. Do not hose down on the day of the shoot, as again, this can cause puddles.

Twilight Prep

Turn on all exterior and interior lights. Please replace any burned out bulbs before the shoot.

If the property has a pool, please turn on all pool lights and remove any covers. This goes for water features as well.

Close all windows and roll up blinds to the same height.

Thank you for your time and patience to read through this list. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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